The Flourish Writers Conference is a gathering place for writers looking to improve their craft. Whether you’re just beginning your writing journey, or you’ve walked many miles, come meet our speakers who share personal insights into the challenges and victories faced by every writer.

Our conference speakers offer workable solutions to the most common obstacles writers need to overcome. You will depart equipped and motivated to take the next step in your writing journey.

If you desire to grow in the art and craft of writing , join us for the FlourishWriters Conference where thirty-four authors offer inspiring and practical tips to dream, write, and publish the story inside you.
Our FREE virtual conference is designed to release the power of story into your hands. Ready to add this skill to your writer’s toolbox? Let’s go.

Why Should You Attend The FlourishWriters Conference?
No Travel
A virtual conference is held online, not in a conference hall. Watch from the comfort of your own home - anywhere from the world. The conference sessions come straight to you. No airport. No driving. No hotel. No childcare. No additional expenses. 100% convenience.
Expert Speakers
The Conference features 34 remarkable interviews and presentations. These writers know their stuff. Authors, Coaches, Literary Agents, and Marketing Experts provide current information for both aspiring and practicing writers at all stages of the journey.
Affordable Access
Most writer's conferences are hundreds or thousands of dollars, but not this one. It's FREE during the open access period with a Lifetime Conference Bundle for purchase. 
View Anytime
Access the conference anytime . View each presentation & interview on your schedule, 24-hours a day during the FREE access period from October 6th - 31st, 2020.

"With the many demands on your time as an author, you may feel overwhelmed, but remember: your message is valuable. It's going to change the world. Just share the passion that stirs your heart to write."
- Lindsey Hartz
Join our gathering of authors who share from experience how to dream, write, and publish your story. We invite you to hear their heart as they share personal insights into the challenges and victories faced by every writer.
Do you dream of the story you want to write? Turn that dream into reality.
Bonnie Gray
How to Write 
Your God Story
Grace P. Cho
Leading with Your Message Well
Allen Arnold
Creating with God 
In Chaos
Adrienne Cooley
Stewarding Your 
Gifts and Talents 
Debora Coty
The Power of a 
Praying Writer
Laine Lawson Craft
Adapting to Changing Times in Publishing 
Joanna Weaver
Balancing Ministry and the Writing Life
Asheritah Ciuciu
Stewarding Your Family and Writing Life
Sarah Mae
Share Real Life Stories with Hope
Joanna Weaver
Thriving in a Faithful Writing Journey
Havilah Cunnington
How to Communicate the Heart of Your Message
Lucretia Berry
  Writing Gives Voice to Your Passion
Renee Fisher
Brainstorm Your Book Idea in 30 Minutes
Let’s get your message onto paper and craft your story into a powerful offering.
Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Overcoming Challenges: Tips for Beginning Writers
Arabah Joy
Why and How to Start a Micro Writing Habit
Tiara Cloud
Lessons from a First-Time Author
Bonnie Gray
Writing in the Midst of the Mess
Robin Grunder
Legacy Writing: Preserve Faith and Family History
Katie Reid
The Write Time is Now
Mary Demuth
The Practice of 
Art and Authoring
Shannon Popkin & Kate Motaung
How to Collaborate in Joint Writing Projects
Amy Carroll
Curate  Community with Facebook Groups
Robin Grunder
Seeing a Story Come Alive through Ghostwriting
Elizabeth Haselmayer
Writing Educational Curriculum 
Trillia Newbell
Best Practices for 
Writing a Children's Book
Annette Whipple
 Non-Fiction Writing 
for Children
Sarah Sundin
Making Historical Fiction Come to Life
Patti Callahan
Finding the 
Soul of the Story
Dorina Lazo Gilmore
Writing Devotionals for a Niche Market
Melanie Chitwood
How to Write a Devotion Ready for Publication
Patrice Gopo
The Life of a Personal Essayist
Katherine Reay
Bringing Your Story to Life through Fiction Writing
Mindy Kiker
Present Your Personal Story as a Devotional
Melanie Chitwood
How to Write a Chapter for a Nonfiction Book
Tisha Martin
How to Self Edit Fiction Writing
Assess the possibilities and decide how to share your message with the world.
Sarah De Mey
Self-Editing Tips for Writers
Tisha Martin
The Editing Process 
Chad Allen
Best Practices for Book Proposals that Sell
Valerie Coleman
Self-Publish Your Bestseller
Al Hsu
The Traditional Publishing Landscape Today
Jenny Baumgartner 
Trends in Traditional Publishing
Jevon Bolden
What You Need to Know About Literary Agents
Stephanie Alton
How Literary Agents Help Writers Succeed
Gather passionate people, cultivate conversation, and build community with your writing.
Rob Eagar
Amazon Bookselling Techniques
Becky Kopitzke
How a Biblical Money Mindset Keeps You Going
Ann Kroeker
Putting Your Heart and Soul into Social Media
Angela Bouma
Create a Brand That Grows with You
Kia Stephens
Growing Your Audience By Focusing on a Niche Market
Ruthie Gray
Connecting with Your 
Tribe on Instagram
Meet Your Conference Hosts
Mindy Kiker and Jenny Kochert, co-founders of FlourishGathering and FlourishWriters, are passionate to help women grow in God’s Word. Together they have authored and published numerous Bible Studies and devotionals, workshops, online conferences and training courses. For those desiring to share their God Story in writing, Jenny and Mindy are guides who help birth stories from the heart to the page. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the conference dates?
The FlourishWriters Conference is available to view free October 6-31st, 2020. You can own all the content with lifetime access if you purchase the All-Access Bundle.
Can I watch the conference on any device?
The videos are designed to function on all computers and mobile devices. If you are unable to view the content on one device, try another. Between computers, phones and tablets, something should work. If you are unsuccessful after giving it your best shot, you are welcome to email us at
Is the Conference in person or online?
The FlourishWriters Conference takes place online. It is not an in-person conference.
Can I have lifetime access to the presentations?
Yes, lifetime access to the conference presentations, including additional coupons and resources, are available in the All-Access Pass.
What if I can't attend during the free open period?
If you cannot watch the conference during the free open dates of October 6-31st, 2020, all the conference presentations and interviews, plus additional Bonuses are available with lifetime access in the All-Access Bundle. If you purchase the All-Access Bundle, you get all conference content in your own learning portal to view at your convenience. 
Who is FlourishWriters?
We are an online ministry whose mission is to equip women to grow in their passion for God’s Word and write their God Stories. You can find us at and
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